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Film Projects

Becoming Helen Keller

Becoming Helen Keller , which will be broadcast in the award-winning PBS series American Masters, will reclaim the life story of Helen Keller by placing her experiences and work freshly into the context of her times.

“…it’s a valuable, engaging, accessible example of well-done disability history and how broad the field really is! “ Sarah Rose, Director, Minor in Disability Studies, Department of History, University of Texas, Arlington

We all know her name, the legend or maybe the jokes. But Keller’s story is so much bigger. Taking her from the poorhouses and segregated blind and deaf schools of her 19th century childhood, to worldwide celebrity and work as an advocate for the poor and people with disabilities around the world, this innovative film will bring Keller’s story vividly to life from her point of view and from the perspectives of those who knew her.

Project Frontline

“Project Frontline” is a documentary series that tracks the evolving coronavirus pandemic in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Produced by Boyd Studios in partnership with Digital Eyes Film Productions, this real-time account highlights the municipal and industry response in one of America’s first virus hot spots, including the emergency response effort mobilized by the state, healthcare system, and manufacturing industry.

Recovering Addiction

Recovering Addiction is Part II of a Public Health trilogy of social action documentaries produced by Digital Eyes Film. This character-driven film explores the crisis of substance misuse and overdose death in the United States, and offers public health solutions for prevention, treatment, and community healing. Recovering Addiction is a rescue mission to restore humanity and harm reduction principles to our contemporary public health landscape. Donate today or contact us to learn more about partnership and donor opportunities. Produced and distributed exclusively by Digital Eyes Film – Global World Premiere 2021.

Life Ain't Fair

Life Ain’t Fair is a documentary produced by Digital Eyes Film which combines the history of America’s oldest continuing county fair, with a vivid portrait of contemporary agricultural life in the Pioneer Valley (MA). Produced exclusively via support from the local businesses community, the movie premiered theatrically in conjunction with the 3 County Fair’s 200th anniversary, commemorating one of New England’s most historic and colorful annual traditions.

Healing Voices

Healing Voices is Part I of a Public Health trilogy of social action documentaries produced by Digital Eyes Film.  This character-driven film explores the experience commonly labeled as “psychosis” through the real-life stories of individuals working to overcome these extreme mental states, and integrate the experiences into their lives in meaningful ways. The movie premiered at the Boston International Film Festival in 2016 and has screened in countless communities around the world via an aggressive, grass roots release plan developed and executed exclusively by Digital Eyes Film.

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