The Story

Hats off, which was recorded live in studio and features arrangements by Dan Prindle and Nick Borges; production by Nate Christy and Dan Prindle; direction by Nate Christy and engineering and editing by Nate Christy and Mark Alan Miller. As Steve recently said in an interview, “The creativity demanded by a fluid jazz arrangement is no less than what is required for the art of dentistry. Ultimately, it’s the people in my life who I care for, perform to, and connect with that I find most important; far beyond any material achievement, it’s that interconnection between human souls which excites me and keeps me driving forward.”


  1. Night Day 0:39
  2. No One Ever Tells You 0:33
  3. Orange Colored Sky 0:34

Hats Off

Release Date : November 17, 2018
Artist : Steve Lipman
Genre : jazz
Format : CD