The Story

Smack My Bishop is a 6-piece, booty-moovin, bish-smackin band from Northampton, MA.
Named after their long-term residency at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton, Massachusetts, SMACK MY BISHOP is the band without a rehearsal. Once a week, these individually accomplished musicians would run an open musical workshop which would see the creation of
original content, rising of local talent, and would be the meeting grounds of some of the area’s well-known bands. Today, SMACK MY BISHOP has grown to be the “house band” of western MA, helping musicians of all genres produce professional studio material. On October 16th 2014, after finishing one of these backing sessions early, the band found themselves set up in studio with 4 hours still left on the clock. These tracks are a product of that opportunity.

Nick Borges: Trumpet
John Corda: Keyboards

Colin Jalbert: Drums

Andy Soles: Harmonica

Dan Thomas: Guitar

J Witbeck: Bass

Steve Yarbro: Alto Sax


Nathan Christy: Engineer/Mixing
Mark Alan Miller: Engineer/Mastering

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Smack My Bishop

Release Date : June 27, 2017
Artist : Smack My Bishop
Genres : funk, fusion, jazz
Catalog ref. : WT007
Format : CD

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