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Sound Design


• SFX | Sound Recording, Manipulation & Editing | Classification & Implementation •

Creating New Worlds of Sound & Emotion

Never underestimate the impact and influence sound can play in your own audio/visual projects. When done correctly, and with the perfect artistic touch, sound can create new worlds of emotion and feeling unlike anything else. Sound has the power to create an atmosphere that taps into deeply held emotions or memories, and it can set the proper foundation or tone for any story.

With over 20+ years of experience in this department, I know exactly what it takes to bend, mold and shape sound in a colorful way that it’ll add more depth and resonance to any project. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a new video game, a feature film, a radio ad, a video short for social media, or something else in between.

Thanks to my winning track record of success in sound design, while also being equipped with the latest technology and a huge library of SFX and production music tracks, I’m confident I can inject exciting new worlds of sound directly into your personal projects.

Below is a quick breakdown of the podcast + audio-book production services available to you:

  • Complete Sound Design Services
  • Sound Recording, Editing + Manipulation
  • Sound Content Classification
  • Script SFX Breakdown
  • Sound Implementation

Do you need a sound design pro to create and integrate the perfect elements
of sound to evoke deeper feelings and emotions in your project?

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